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New Tricks actress Tamzin Outhwaite will be the next celebrity to discover her family history on  Who Do You Think You Are? tomorrow night. Tamzin has gained fame for playing London characters and her parents are from London’s East End. However, she is also aware that she has Italian roots.

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“I do know that there is definitely an Italian influence within the family. I’d like to get much more in touch with my Italian roots”, said Tamzin.

The former EastEnders actress remembers her Grandfather Remo but knows little about his family. The Who Do You Think You Are? team uncovers the genuine rags-to-riches story of her great-grandfather Adelmo. Although he started with nothing, Adelmo went on to become a successful business owner and ice cream maker. There was a time when he could not pay for the funeral of one of his sons. The community came together to pay for the funeral and this kindness was never forgotten by her great-grandfather. Later in life Adelmo bought some land and turned it into a playing field for the community who had been so kind to him in his hour of need.

Tamzin is shocked to learn that during World War Two things were not easy for the Italian community and that they often faced prejudice. Adelmo and his eldest son, Peter, were interned at a camp on the Isle of Man in 1940. Having spent twenty years raising a family in the UK, he found himself labeled as a fascist simply because he was Italian.

“My great-grandfather and great-uncle would have been made to feel like criminals. They made ice cream. Goodness me”, said Tamzin.

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  1. Marion Aitchison

    Re Brian Gallagher’s article 20/08/14.
    I was looking forward to watching ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ tomorrow evening but you have now revealed so much of the story in advance that I will not have the same experience of seeing the tale unfold.. Could you not have just reminded us that the show was coming on and then left writing about the discoveries until after the show had aired?

  2. Nan Whitcomb

    Other folks might enjoy this show, but I can’t stand it. I am not interested in who famous celebrities think they are. The most interesting people to me would be the lives of ordinary folks and their ancestors.

  3. Sandra

    Think you are missing the point- we dont really know celebrities (they are just people on th telly) but when you look at their family trees – they come from ordinary folks and ancestors like the rest of us. So just as interesting as following Joe Bloggs family from down the street.

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