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Mrs. Brown’s Boys star, Irish comedian Brendan O’Carroll is the next celebrity to get the  Who Do You Think You Are? treatment tomorrow night. Brendan now lives in Florida, but still calls Dublin home.

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Brendan has heard from family members that his grandfather was shot during the Irish War of Independence in 1920. Acutely aware that family stories can be embellished, Brendan is keen to get to the truth of that story. What happened? Why was he shot? Was he fighting for Irish freedom? Who shot him?

“I would like to find out just what happened that night,” said Brendan.

During the show the Who Do You Think You Are? team uncovers a sworn statement from a British spy that identifies the man who shot Brendan’s grandfather. He was shot by a decorated World War One soldier, who was operating as a British intelligence officer in Ireland.

British intelligence had been seeking information on his two sons. When he refused to pass on information about his sons, he was warned that he would be shot if they did not surrender!

Tune in for what promises to be an exciting and emotional episode of Who Do You Think You Are?


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  1. Hello, please can you answer a pretty standard question? Why for 1911 are there only the summary book details avIlable? I really need to know who was actually living at an address to answer vital questions for family research but each time I type in the name only the summary book is available and not the actual census return! Can you answer why, please, Jackie

  2. Bert Gedin

    The Grandfather of Brendan seems to have had IRA connections, and his sons. Has anyone scoured the local press, of 1920, to learn about the Councillor/Grandfather’s work & statements ? Are there nor Council Records that may provide some answers ?

  3. Deborah Newell

    I had never watched ‘Who do you think you are’ before. Didn’t realize what it was all about until the show aired the Brook Shields story. Now I am hooked. Koodos for your amazing find. Now I am hooked!

  4. Every time I click on my aunt`s name it says “sorry, this page is no longer here” or something like that. I AM TRYING TO DO A GENEOLOGY PROJECT FOR HISTORY AND I CAN`T!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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