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ACOM_BranchOut250x250_badgeWe know you love your family history research. We also know how challenging it can be to break through brick walls, locate a missing ancestor or prove a family connection you have long suspected. Have you ever imagined yourself on an episode of Who Do You Think You Are?

While we can’t get you a spot on the next season, we can offer you the next best thing – access to the research team behind the US Who Do You Think You Are? show.

We have run our Branch Out competition in the US and many of you told us you would love the chance to enter. We have listened to our members and we are delighted to bring Branch Out  to the UK.

This is your opportunity to work one-on-one with the family history experts on our ProGenealogists team. So, what do you win? The Grand Prize winner, upon confirmation of eligibility, will receive the following prize package:

  • Twenty (20) hours of ProGenealogist research
  • One (1) Annual Worldwide subscription
  • One (1) Copy of Family Tree Maker software

So, if you’ve always wanted to receive expert help from our ProGenealogists team, enter the UK Branch Out contest by clicking here. After entering some basic information, let us know how far you have gotten on your own. We want to know what you’ve discovered and what you would hope to learn with the help of our expert research team.

The deadline for entries is Sunday, November 9th at 11:59:59 P.M., so sign up today! The winner will be selected and announced by the end of November so stay tuned for updates!   Entry is open to residents of the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) and is subject to our Official Rules.


  1. Tracey Cousins

    i have traced my maternal grandfathers line but I am struggling with my grandmother and my paternal grandfather

  2. Helen

    I’ve just tried to enter the competition but the form fields won’t let me input numbers or symbols. Perhaps because I’m on my mobile but thought I’d flag it up, will try again when I’m on a pc

  3. Really needing help solving the origin of a great great grandfather, William Swaby who according to army records was born St Pancras circa 1847 but never found any record of his birth or any trace of the father he names on his marriage certificate or any entry on a census so really hoping to win! Great competition

  4. tricia

    Just tried to enter competition, allowed me to complete all parts of the form but not submit my entry!!

  5. Anne Coney

    I to have been trying to enter my details in the competition and find the fields don’t allow normal English language.

  6. Denise Higgins

    Alot of time and effort has gone into my family tree so far but I’m stuck on my great great grandfather. Which is really upsetting as his past is what made me start my search in the first place.

  7. Pauline

    I am trying to find out more about my family who were major figures in the Liverpool Docks during the 19th century. Came from Ireland during the famine. Cannot find any living relatives there. I cannot get access to the competition.

  8. Jeanette Shepherd

    Andrew Dwyer born c 1837 is my 2 times great grandfather and my stumbling block. Census record state he was born in Kilkenny Ireland, but despite long hours of searching I cannot fine him.

  9. Dave Heath

    I have taken the heath family back to 1600, to a Robert HEATH. His mother was an Ann Cassinghurst, and there the story has stopped.

  10. Connie

    I would love to find out exactly who both my 3x great grandmothers really were There’s very little for one, Frances Ann HOLMAN, and a lot of very confusing information on the other, Emma CRANE, who doesn’t seem to know who she married or which children belonged to which man! I can’t even find a birth for her despite having a consistent year (1825) and place (Wantage, Berkshire) in every census (1841-1911), all of which are available on Ancestry

  11. Zoe

    I would love to know more about my 2x Great Grandmother. She spent the majority of her childhood in Devizes Union Workhouse, with one of her sisters and one of her brothers. the rest of her siblings lived with their mother, and their father was deceased (I can find no death record for him.)

  12. YBrowne

    My great grandparents had 8 sons and 6 of them were in the first world war only 4 came home thee others went on to live full lives but the memories never left them. I have researched my family back to 1770 but would love to go back further. Am told my family came over with Cromwell and that we are related to the Arch Bishop of Armagh. I would love to know the link to both of these stories and why and when my family switched religions from Protestant to Catholics.

  13. coradean Zike Camery

    My Great Great Grandparents, Ruben B. Harris and Anne Brown, were married in 1820 in Cooper Co. MO. I have no other information on Anne Brown. I know I’m part Cherokee, and believe it is through Anne Brown, who I’ve heard it said was born in KY. If anyone has any information on her,( Daniel Boone is related in some way with that family.) Please E-mail me. at [email protected]. Thanks. Corky Camery

  14. Suzannne Stone

    My paternal side is approx 1708 and I think linked to a family lune dating back to 1430s however I can’t find any paper evidence to tie them together. Would live to discover some as the 1430 family are probably linked to the royal family,finding the evidenxe has been a 10 year quest, and would solve a mystery and family story

  15. sylvia hiscock

    I would love to find my greatgreat grandad henry smith think his surname was carling he came from ireland & changed his name to smith my greatgreat grannys surname & thats all I know really think they both died in herefordshire

  16. Brian Gallagher

    This competition is open to residents of the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) only. Sorry for any frustration caused by this.

  17. Brian Gallagher

    The link is working here Deborah. Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty. I would suggest trying a different browser.

  18. Maureen Churchill

    i am trying to trace my paternal family history. I have information relating to the marriage, children and death of my great grandfather but can’t find anything relating to earlier times as he was born in Ireland.
    A little help would be an absolute godsend.

  19. Brian Gallagher

    Christine and Tanya, the link is working here. Try using a different browser. Hopefully that will help resolve this for you.

  20. Brian Gallagher

    If you are using Google Chrome it may be blocking the entry form as a pop up. You will be able to allow pop ups from Ancestry by clicking the square with a small red x in the top right corner of your browser window.

  21. Joanne

    It hasn’t worked for me on Chrome either. I allowed pop ups, filled in the form but it wont let me submit it

  22. Rebecca Major

    Trying to finds my 2nd Great Grandad who moved to Peru after his young wife died and never sent for his children like he said he would. Family mystery.

  23. Annette

    This is the second time I have had this post but clicking on the link doesn’t work, can someone advise please?

  24. Annette Davies

    I knew nothing about my grandfather except his name. Since I found his name I have traced his school, his date of birth, his first marriage (& meet the daughter of one of his sons, who is my cousin. We didn’t know each other it existed.), The only record I can find for somebody with his exact name is in Australia in the 1980s census. He has a double barrel middle name which is very unusual. But I cannot find any records apart from that anywhere so I have really hit a brick wall with finding out what happened to him.
    My father, his son, has not seen or heard from him since he was a teenager. My father knows I am doing the research and he’s very pleased with what I have found out so far.
    With the rest of the family tree I have gone back as far as 1475 with my 13th Great grandfather who was William Pope, earl of Wilcote! & I have found Yeoman in the Oxfordshire area.

  25. Rebecca

    I would like to find out if I have any family connections to Huish in Somerset and more information for 9x Grandparents born 1722

  26. Brian Gallagher

    Annette, please try using a different browser or see my comment further up regarding pop up blocker if using Google Chrome. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  27. Marie Murrie

    We cannot enter information into the form! See previous comments. Brian please don’t say use another browser as we have. Please accept that this is a glitch and have it looked at!

  28. Shijla Greenwood

    I have traced my Dutch family back to 1499. The English side to 1500. The Lester family in Uk I am stuck on

  29. Angela morris

    brick wall my gggrandad my grandads side I don’t think he is really called george gay think he changed name been trying ten year to track him down but no luck the first time I can find him is when he married sarah Maryann harrison know he was born Soundwell Bristol as he went back there an his daughter Sarah was born there but no address . Gone back 1780 my grans family in London would love to find out about my grandads family an why he changed name if he did

  30. Anne-Marie

    I need help please finding great grandparents…I know the family line before and after but they seem to have just disappeared! Grandad was orphaned aged 6. He his sister and mother are on the 1911 census not father. In 1912 his sister died in an awful accident. Grandad was then TOLD his mum and dad died also terribly. I cannot find a death record for them. But I did find his sisters grave in Gravesend Kent. Would love to know what really happened to them. Im starting to think they just left 🙁 Help please

  31. Anne-Marie

    Im stuck with ggparents. As my grandad was orphaned at 6 and made to live with gr aunt and uncle his family history was very limited. I know theyre from Gravesend Kent. I know grandads sister was killed in an awful accident. 1912. Its the parents who have disappeared after this event…no death record for either. 1911 census had mother not father and no sign of him. I know about generations before them its just these 2 Id love to know where they went..I

  32. LizMac

    I have a few elder family members who would wish to look at my family tree, but would not want a full subscription to Ancestry. Do you have a package that would allow others just to view a tree with no search or edit facility available to them?

  33. John Church

    Trying to break through the wall of my GG Grandfather. I know he was born in Bungay, Suffolk and christened in Hull. He was a Naval Captain and diednin Ospring in Kent. His name was Robert Grimson or maybe Robert Hogg Crimson. I cannot get back past him to find his parents. Help please

  34. Stephen

    Been trying my hardest to find out how and where I’m related to William Thompson AKA Bendigo Thompson the prize fighter from Nottingham.

  35. Jean

    my grt grt grandmother went to Wilmington Delaware as a nurse for Mrs Parkinson then married Mr Parkinson. Was matron in the sheltering arms foundling hospital.died there . No next of kin mentioned, no marriage cert. she was Ann Parkinson and died 1889

  36. Peter Oswald

    Lizmac you can share your family tree with your relations buy putting their email address into the share feature on your online tree, you can also grant them the ability to modify your tree if you wish.
    Be sure to download a gedcom of your tree before doing this, just in case.

  37. Anita Sparkes

    I have found quite a bit on my tree and have some dead ends and lots I must verify but what I really want to know is why my grandfather received the Oakleaf medal during WWII. He was mentioned in Despatches and his name is listed in the Supplement to the London Gazette on 23 May 1946 (2453). He told my Gran it was for standing in line at the Naffi!!

  38. John McClean

    Struggling with Irish records on my paternal side, having much more luck on maternal side going back about 12 generations

  39. Lil

    I haven’t been able to get any where other than the 1881 census for my great grand mother. It’s the only place she is mentioned She is recorded as niece of the householder but I can find no links to certify this. She had two children by the householder (my great grandfather) but I can find no marriage, death certificates etc. she is gone by the 1891 census. Where he is still listed in same address living with one of the children. Been trying to figure it out for over 10 years 🙁

  40. Jennifer Cassidy

    I can’t get into the form following the link. Have tried using a differant browser. Could you please help. Thanks.

  41. hit a brick wall as no father on mums or her Mums birth certificate. Got quite far with dads side but hit the wall with his grandfather who was spanish! Also tied to gain access to records for Preston asylum were my great grand mother Esther Whittle died ,

  42. Mo C

    My weak link is with my ggg grandfather. Having a name like John Hartley in Manchester is like being called Jones in Wales. He and all of his children were baptised at M/c cathedral and he was married there so was hoping that he was also baptised there in 1802 but there are 4 others of the same name in 1802. where do I go from here?

  43. Sheena-Ann Brown

    big favour to ask. When using ‘ancestry’ please cam you write dates out with the month in written format! American dates and UK dates are back to front Nd it causes confusion and frustration. Also put the full place including country – if someone overseas picks up an ancestor from Birmingham it could be either US or UK as many places were duplicated in the US and Canada from GB!! Thanks – moan over!!

  44. Laurane Black

    I started my family research about 14 years ago knowing lots about my GGG grandfather Thomas McLaren (we have ship discharge papers and I’ve got his marriage and death certs). In 14 years while I’ve found out lots about other branches of my tree I’ve never been able to trace any further than Thomas – can’t find his parents of BC (born 1823 in Greenock, Scotland) despite spending a lot of money on Scotland’s People. This prize would be brilliant to win 🙂

  45. susan fisher

    trying very hard to enter the competition but it keeps saying my postcode is not a valid UK postcode ?

  46. Brian Gallagher

    If anyone is having an issue with the entry form please feel free to contact our member services team on 0800 404 9723

    Customer Solutions Associates are available Monday – Friday 9AM to 10PM GMT, Sunday – Saturday 9AM to 8PM GMT.

  47. David Andrew

    Wanting to know who my great x grandfather was. Lucy (gr x 2) grandmother) had 2 boys . Father was on one birth cercificate given a false name and occupation and the second son’s was blank. She was in service as a cook in Northleach, Glos. And rumour has it the eldest son’s father was lord of the manor where she was a cook. She then went to London where she was also a cook where she had the second son. Would love to solve this mystery and several others.

  48. Brian Gallagher

    Sorry to hear that you are having issues. Your browser may be blocking the entry as a pop up. If you can try on a different browser, or in your case Helen, on a computer, it should work fine. If anyone is having an issue with the entry form please feel free to contact our member services team on 0800 404 9723. Customer Solutions Associates are available Monday – Friday 9AM to 10PM GMT, Sunday – Saturday 9AM to 8PM GMT.

  49. Annette – have you tried newspaper records? I have access to some modern ones, if you want to contact me through my website I can search his name for you? I’ve had success finding quite a few living relatives 🙂
    Interesting competition – it would be VERY interesting to see if the professionals could do what 50+ people have tried to do, and find my GGrandfathers marriage and parents… I very much doubt they can!
    All ym other queries are about Scottish ancestors, so I’m not sure if that would be included?

  50. I’m exhausted, I’ve hunted, also my friends have helped, and I’ve only a marriage record for my GGG Grand parents. Anna Brown married Reuben B HARRIS, in 1820 in Cooper co MO. No trace after that except Reuben B Harris remarried after that to a Hatfield girl from KY. I heard that Anna Brown was from KY also. So Anne must have died before 1845 because Reuben B Harris married the Hatfield Girl that year. Corky Camery

  51. simon wicker

    I am really struggling with researching a family member and his wife. There seem to be no records of this family who were at one time quite notorious and scandal struck in Paris of the 1920’s. Can any one help me fin dout more about Dr.Pierre Boucard creator of Lacetol ((or as we know it today Pro-Biotics)

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