Posted by Ancestry Team on May 5, 2015 in Entertainment

24 Hours in The Past continues tonight as six celebrities travel back in time to experience the hard graft of Victorian Britain, spending four days in four different 19th-century workplaces. Their second 24 hours finds them facing some tough tasks in a rural coaching inn.


With no break since leaving the toil and grime of the dustyard, Alistair McGowan, Ann Widdecombe, Miquita Oliver, Zoe Lucker, Tyger Drew Honey and Colin Jackson are now up against the clock in the age before the dawn of the railways. There are horses to be groomed, coaches to be cleaned, rabbits to be skinned, guests to be fed, linen to be washed and chamber pots to be emptied.

With two more days to go, who will have the stamina to survive the working conditions of our Victorian Ancestors? Will Colin Jackson come out on top again tonight? Tune in to BBC One at 9pm and find out!


Join us on Twitter tonight at 9pm and let us know your thoughts as the celebrities face their second 24 Hours in The Past. Follow the hashtag #24hoursinthepast




  1. Anandakos

    Ooopsie. Putting in untested software are we now? Somebody’s head is about to appear on the spikes at The Tower.

  2. its pretty sad that you have to pay money to find out your history.u should make us pay to see our love ones dead u guys need to get a life and stop making everyone pay for this crap

  3. toni

    I’m wondering why this program on BBC was advertised on the American ancestry blog. We can’t watch it. Celebrities Face the Reality of Victorian Life. 24 Hours in The Past Continues Tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

  4. Brian Gallagher

    Hi Toni, this is our global blog. We tag each post by category and all UK posts will be posted in the United Kingdom category. Apologies for any confusion caused.

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