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The line-up for this year’s Who Do You Think You Are? has finally been announced and we couldn’t be more excited. With some big names included in this year’s list of celebs, season 13 is shaping up to be one of the best yet.

Executive producer Colette Flight has commented that an “extraordinary range of incredible stories” will be told, “sometimes tragic, sometimes funny, but always compelling.”

The autumn series will include EastEnders’ star Danny Dyer, who will explore his shock connection to royalty. Dyer admitted to having signed up to the show to ‘freak a few people out’ but couldn’t believe it himself when he discovered which royal he was connected to.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini will also be investigating her past, particularly her “long forgotten great grandfather, a quintessential Tommy in the First World War.” It’s also been revealed that Cheryl had her DNA tested as a part of her family research for the show.

Amanda Holden, judge on Britain’s Got Talent, will be exploring a “Napoleonic-era cross-channel romance and the forgotten tragedy of Britain’s worst ever maritime disaster.”

Other celebrities will include thespian and The Lord of the Rings star Sir Ian McKellen, newsreader Sophie Raworth, The Royle Family actor Ricky Tomlinson, actor and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ contestant Sunetra Sarker, film actor Warwick Davis, comedian Greg Davies and Irish television presenter Liz Bonnin.

While the premiere date of Season 13 of Who Do You Think You Are? still remains the BBC’s best kept secret, we think we’re guaranteed an incredible 10 weeks of television.

Will you be tuning in?

Bryony Partridge

Bryony is the International PR Manager for Ancestry where she implements strategic communications and social media programs that bring increased media awareness for the company.


  1. Kandi Branch-Haertle

    This is my first time writing anything on a “blog”- but I would just like to make a comment. I bought the DNA testing kit, activated it online- & was then directed to “start a family tree” !! Well–I am adopted & have hit many barriers throughout the years when attempting to find ANY family members. So as a last resort to satisfy MY need to know WHAT– I am– I sent for the kit.. If I knew my “family tree”, I wouldn’t have a need for your product..At least I will finally know what I am composed of/or some nationality I can call my own. Thanks for listening/reading this. Sincerely, Kandi BH.

  2. Lynn

    Kandi, I had the same problem. I had a very generous person help me with this. It has taken a lot of time. First I set my tree up with myself as the home person. Next I listed my parents as unknown biological father and unknown biological mother. I was lucky enough to have a second cousin match. Which meant that we shared great grandparents. So I put there names in on my unknown biological fathers side. I spent weeks searching the Internet and using Ancestry to look for obituaries, census, etc. I narrowed it down to one person and contacted his family to ask them to take a DNA test. They’ve very kindly agreed. On my mothers side my closest match is a fourth cousin and I feel pretty much stuck there. Hopefully you’ll have a close relative match to use as a starting point. Good luck!

  3. Mary Beam

    How can I get you to STOP sending me these annoying emails that I never wanted or asked for in the first place??? I have unsuscribed several times over the last several months but still keep getting them. I can’t find a contact me area and emails I’ve replied to using the address listed in the email come back as no such address. Why can’t you respond to my requests and take me off the list??? PLEASE TAKE ME OFF THE EMAIL LIST and STOP THESE ANNOYING EMAILS!!!!

  4. Jack Daniels

    I bought the kit,activated it,and,found a first cousin that won’t repond,found my dad,but disappointed my cousin won’t respond soooo many questions. ..

  5. Daniel A. Johnson

    Ref : Jack Daniels, Jack I am kin to the Daniell family, which includes variations ( Daniell, Daniel, Daniels, and Danyers ) do you have any family in Georgia ?

  6. Donna Pearce

    I love all of the genealogy shows. Did my AncestryDNA test and enjoying the research. I am technically challenged and have trouble figuring out how to save photos to my tree.

  7. John

    Thanks to the Brits for initiating this show 13 seasons ago! I like both the American and British versions; but I live in the States.
    Bryony, like Jim Seymour, above, I want to know if/when the British are coming to America?
    Thanks again!

  8. Janice

    A lot of the comments here are irrelevant to the article. Anyway, I – like Jim Seymour – would like to know if there is a way Americans can view this show. As far as DNA testing, I think it is a remarkable service and have found genuine cousins – as well as a very close one I knew nothing about.

  9. Betty Jackson

    To Kandi and others who are looking for your biological parents, I got my DNA kit in 2013, and really had not looked into my results, until three months ago, and I did know my biological mothers last name, and found her sister,93, on June 1,2016. It is so awesome that Ancestry.Com, has given us a chance to connect with birth families, we would have never been able to do. Thanks, Ancestry.

  10. d1n60

    Sometimes you can get the English and other countries versions on Youtube. Search on “Who do you think you are UK” for instance. It will also take patience and many visits.

  11. Cathy

    I watch a lot of BBC TV here in the US. I would love to see the WDYTYA-UK shows. Ancestry: Why not show these programs in the US? It would be better than all those boring reruns that happen every year to fill time.

  12. nacholis wille walker

    Myself page& my mom nacholis wille walker and the daughter plumerzelspriggs

  13. Patricia

    I just sent in my DNA last week, and not I see there is a 50% off offer for membership. I thought the DNA would give me the information about my ancestors, so now I am confused. What is the benefit of the membership, as opposed to receiving whatever I will be getting when my DNA is processed. It is pretty expensive to join, but if I really need to, it would be nice to know while it has a lower price offer. Thanks to anyone who can put this in terms I can understand.

  14. dmarshall511

    This needs to be shown on TV in the USA. Don’t tell me to look for it online. I have a large screen TV for watching TV shows.

  15. Gretta

    Can you please put this on PBS? Some of us can not receive cable or dish. Loved the show and never missed a one.

  16. Jill Rizco

    I watch the show Who Do You Think You Are and can’t help thinking what about the everyday people like us? These people have the money and resources for geaneology and travel. When they arrive in a foreign country or town they have a folder with all of the research waiting for them. The ordinary person puts in hours of time andresearch but can only go so far. I did manage to get my people back to the Schenectady Massacre but am so stumped on my Ireland and England people. How about featuring an “ordinary” person? ( starting with me!)

  17. Tameika Cox

    I want see if I can find my family some of my family I have nobody but my kids they ask me where my mom and dad and I tell them I don’t know but I’m tired of telling them that I would love for my kids and self to know we need to know I’m trying to get the money but it’s hard when u doing everything on your own but one day.

  18. Tameika Cox

    PBS show that show love watching it but not enough Black people on there it’s like we don’t care about our past its who we are learn more about ur past so we can better shape of future .

  19. susan tillson

    I sent my DNA sample off mid June, am wondering if it arrived? as have not had any contact re the results yet. How long does it take for them to be processed? It’s approx 10 week since I posted it now.

    • Member Services Social Support Team

      @Susan: Hi, if you click on the DNA tab after logging in you should be able to see if they started processing yet. Once they start to process we advise our member to allow 6-8 weeks of processing before they receive their results. If you never received an email stating that we received your test or if you cannot see that it started processing we would advise you to please call us or email us at [email protected].

  20. Heather Malmo Drew

    I am a Kiwi from New Zealand and on our TV watch WDYTYR from UK, USA, & Australian versions.
    I have watched many Black Americans looking for their Ancestors. Just this week I watched Vanessa Williams & a sports star whose name escapes me. Lionel Ritchie, Spike Lee, oh gosh there have been so many. Watching American History is fascinating, how the blacks became slaves and seeing very old original records with slaves numbers written as belongings, it really is understandable how so many still feel downtrodden.
    But I do think Ancestry do those of us who are not famous, a disservice in that they think only Actors should be allowed to participate.
    I think the Aussies do it best. They even manage to have the Didgeridoo playing in the Theme Music.
    I too am waiting to see hubby’s DNA results. I put up a tree starting with him, going back several generations, and the first thing it said to do was start a tree????

  21. Jeorge H Waters

    Finally! I can’t wait for this season! Now I have big financial problems and even solve them with So, this series is the only thing that makes me happy. It’s a bit naive but I am as I am.

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