Posted by Kristen Hyde on December 14, 2016 in Holidays


Earlier this year, we launched our first ever podcast series called It’s About Time.

With the help of storyteller extraordinaire, Sir Tony Robinson, we brought you five little known but nonetheless remarkable stories from history – everything from a grizzly murder in 1800s Dudley to the mysterious squabbling that divided the famous Pankhurst sisters.

As an extra special Christmas treat, we’re proud to announce that we are releasing three new episodes just in time for the silly season. Our It’s About Time Christmas Special will feature three festive episodes brought to you by the talented stylings of Sir Tony Robinson.

Episode 1: A Christmas Carol tells the story of writer Charles Dickens’ and the events in his life that inspired his famous novella and Christmas classic, ‘A Christmas Carol’. We journey from Dickens’ challenging childhood – a struggle that included absent parents and gritty work in a shoe polish factory, through to his ascent to fame as an English novelist and finally, the secret that emerged following the death of his last surviving child; a truth Dickens went to great pains to conceal when he was alive.

Start listening to Episode 1: A Christmas Carol now:

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