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Our DNA network is now over four million people strong. That means four million people from around the world have sent us a tube of their saliva and in return, have learnt about the hidden truths within their DNA.

But what are these ‘hidden truths’? What do you actually get when you take an AncestryDNA test? To help you understand the basics of AncestryDNA, here are three short films which explain the key features that lead to your unique DNA results.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s answer one simple question… what kind of DNA sample are we talking about? Before you start hyperventilating at the thought of going anywhere near a needle, fear not! The AncestryDNA test requires a simple saliva sample. All you have to do is spit in a tube, register your sample online with your unique 16-digit code, and then send it our way.

6-8 weeks later, you’ll receive your results online. The first thing you can check out is your unique ethnic mix, which is an estimate of where in the world your DNA has come from.

Genetic Communities™
While exploring your ethnicity estimate, you’ll also come across your Genetic Communities. By combining our family tree and DNA data, we’re able to give you a more precise picture of your origins. You can learn more about these specific places and the people who lived there, as well as the social, cultural and political impacts they felt throughout history.

AncestryDNA Matches
Maybe you’re researching your family history and are struggling on one side of your tree? Maybe you’re searching for a long lost family member, or want to reach out to your extended family? This is where your AncestryDNA Matches come in.

When you take an AncestryDNA test, you join our DNA network of over 4 million people. We take your sample and look for other samples in our network that share your DNA. In your results, you’ll receive a list of these matches – your family members! You can then connect with these people online, share information and hopefully grow your family tree!

Now that you have the basics down pat, what are you waiting for? Head over to AncestryDNA and buy yourself (and your mum, your brother, and best friend…) a kit today!

Kristen Hyde

Kristen is Ancestry's Social Media Manager for the United Kingdom.


  1. Roma

    I am hoping to trace if I have brothers and sisters that I would not know about.
    NOW I AM IN MY 80’s it is very important to me and hopefully my siblings

  2. Roma

    Now that I am in my 80’s I wish to know if I have any brothers or sisters that could be still living, I have tried to trace for years with no avail I

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