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We gave AncestryDNA tests to the residents of Bledington, Gloucestershire to explore the ethnic origins of a single concentrated community.

What we discovered within this traditional English village was a community whose combined DNA results were rich in diversity, and more surprising than they thought possible.

This is on of their stories.

Camilla Bowditch

Now retired, 68 year old Camilla Bowditch has lived in Bledington for the last two years, having previously lived and travelled across the UK and parts of Africa.

Camilla took the AncestryDNA test knowing that her father’s family were largely from Ireland, however she was also excited to find out if the rumours about her French ancestry were true.

When it came to the big reveal, it would seem the whispers surrounding her supposed French heritage were unfounded. The main regions present in her DNA were Great British (49%) and Irish (36%).

But more detailed analysis of her results uncovered some further surprises – specifically the fact that she had DNA present from the Iberian Peninsula (7%) and Finland (5%).

“Forget France, it seems that my ancestors were actually more present in the Spain and Portugal regions” commented Camilla. “I’m looking forward to finding out more and learning about all the different global regions that have come together to make me, me.”

Irish heritage was also confirmed in Camilla’s DNA results, specifically via her Genetic Communities result.

Genetic Communities is based on innovative new analysis techniques developed by Ancestry’s science team. Applying rigorous statistics and scientific development, their analysis can connect you through your DNA to places your ancestors called home and the migration paths they followed to get there.

In Camilla’s case, her results revealed a link with the genetic community of Munster, Irish which tallied with what she knew of her paternal family.

“I find it all so fascinating” she said after receiving her results. “Simply by spitting in a tube, the DNA test was able to tell me so much about my family before me – the Muster link more than anything felt like a real connection to my past.”

Just like Camilla, your DNA results could help uncover more about your family before you and the movements that led you to where you are today? Take an AncestryDNA test to find out more.

Kristen Hyde

Kristen is Ancestry's Social Media Manager for the United Kingdom.


  1. Anne Sharples

    I have been researching my FH for 30 years and have found most of my Ancestors came from within a 20 mile radius. There is a Churchyard in a village in Cumbria that is full of my relatives, and I have discovered that I have connections to many of the present day residents. Ok, some have travelled to USA in the mid 1800s, only one family!

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