Posted by Kristen Hyde on October 26, 2017 in AncestryDNA

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt being in the family history business, it’s that every family has its secrets.

Secrets which are acknowledged but never discussed. Secrets which leave siblings estranged or parents alienated. Secrets which leave people feeling abandoned and lost.

But while secrets can divide families, solving these mysteries can bring families back together, with life-changing consequences for the people involved.

It was with this purpose that we teamed up with UKTV to create The Secrets In My Family – a brand new television show aimed at uncovering the truth behind these family mysteries and hopefully solving them once and for all.

Hosted by The One Show’s Alex Jones, The Secrets In My Family uses AncestryDNA tests and traditional family research to help people piece information together to track down missing family members. Secrets that once caused hurt and shame finally make way for love and absolution.

But not every story has a happily ever after. The results and research do not always lead to the ending people hoped for, with some stories taking surprising turns and some mysteries remaining unsolved.

The Secrets In My Family starts on the W channel on Monday 6 November at 9pm. Tune in as we follow ordinary people who make shocking discoveries about their family and come to grips with life-changing truths.

Put a reminder in your diary. You won’t want to miss it.


    • David

      W is only available on subscription channels Sky, Virgin and BT. I think you’ll have to get friendly with someone who has one of these.

  1. Thameslass

    Does anyone from Ancestry ever read what’s posted in the Comments?
    There are three posts here, two of them asking questions and requiring an answer, plus one obvious spam post requiring deletion!

  2. kenny webb

    really dissapointed with the program, thought it was about how DNA will help in family history, very little use of DNA in the opening program, why dont you make a series where it actually shows you how to use DNA and explain the many complicatios can be overcome.

  3. I purchased DNA hoping it would help me move on with my paternal side of family history which I have not progressed with since 2005. Especially with my grandmother Jessie Slight born in Scotland circa 1873

  4. janet paice

    I saw the last segment of a programme last night (21/08/2018) and was struck by the gentleman (I did not catch his name) who was still searching for his father’s family. He is almost the double in looks, mannerisms, build and stance as someone I know. Would it be possible to see the whole programme to check his story as I believe I know his family?

  5. Paul Hale

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  6. Karen Glasper

    Please could you tell me were I can apply to My family secrets revealed. As I have hit a brick wall in Canada with my family history,

  7. Georgina Briody

    I have just watched a segment about silk weavers in Spitalfields: tell Dawn to look up ‘Huguenots of Spitalfields’……she will discover so much. Myself I’m related to a Sarah Hurlin (my Great grandmother x 4) and her remains are now in the Natural History Museum.

  8. Jack Ponting

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  9. Karl

    Thanks guys! Love the post-blog blogs! 🙂 And yes, a lof of my guy friends really bemoan the whole one coffee and you are suddenly getting hitched thing. A peril of Dating advice

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