Posted by Kristen Hyde on November 3, 2017 in The Secrets In My Family

In the same way that families come in all shapes and sizes, so do family secrets.

Whether passed down from family member to family member, or kept hidden behind buttoned lips for years, family secrets can end up shaping the life we come to know. Lost siblings, absent parents, infidelity; missing people and missing pieces can have a fundamental impact on what we know about ourselves.

But what if you could find that one missing piece that made everything clear?

Over the next six weeks, Alex Jones (host of BBC’s The One Show) will be helping people from all over the UK solve their family mysteries in new TV series, The Secrets In My Family.

With the help of AncestryDNA tests and traditional family history research, Alex and her team will be helping ordinary people make sense of their family secrets, leading to honest conversations, nerve-racking confrontations and long-awaited reunions.

Take Andrew for example, drummer from 80s band M People, whose life was turned upside when his parents revealed a shocking revelation about his birth. Will an AncestryDNA test help him finally understand where he came from?

And Hollie, who hasn’t seen her father since she was a baby. Will Alex’s research team be able to track down Hollie’s dad and help her understand why he left her mother in such dark circumstances so soon after her birth?

From sisters, Lauren and Paige who are searching for their secret half-brother, to Fifi and John and what kept them apart for 30 years.

Secrets, regrets, revelations and reunions, The Secrets In My Family has it all and is sure to be a test on the tear ducts.

Stock up on tissues and waterproof mascara and join us on Mondays at 9pm on the W Channel for all the highs and lows. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @AncestryUK and join in the conversation on #SecretsInMyFamily as we live tweet each episode.


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  2. Monica

    Recently, I needed to write an family essay for college. And my dad’s secretary shared her story. She went on Ancestry to research her family and after a while, she got a call from a woman who thought that they were sisters and that the woman knew their biological mother. My dad’s secretary said that she hadn’t been adopted so that was impossible. But, she later talked to her dad (who had divorced from her mom who then later passed away) and he said that she HAD been adopted, but that her mom didn’t want to tell her and that he didn’t know how to tell her later. So she called the woman back and they were half sisters and she met her and biological mother. I wonder sometimes how many people might have lived entire lives not knowing they were adopted, and how the internet may be changing that number.

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