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If there’s one thing you’re guaranteed when watching ‘find my family’ style programmes, it’s that you’ll experience A LOT of feelings.

And the ‘The Secrets In My Family’ did not fail to deliver in this regard. From touch-and-go searches to teary reunions, the episode was packed with emotional highs and low. Focusing mainly on fatherhood, we followed three people as they searched for their missing fathers through a mix of DNA tests and family history research. And my oh my, there was a lot to process.

Read the 61 things I thought while watching Episode 1 of The Secrets In My Family and head to The Secrets In My Family to watch highlights from the series.

1. If there’s one thing these opening credits are affirming it’s that I’m going to spend the majority of this series coveting Alex Jones’ hair cut.

2. And her stylist.

3. Secrets. Lies. Mysteries. Tears. My senses are tingling that drama is afoot.

4. Oh hey, it’s the drummer from M People. Aren’t we ‘moving on up’ in the world!

5. ‘Known as the Drum Warrior’. What a title. I need a better title.

6. Note to self: change email signature to ‘Content Poweranger’ tomorrow.

7. Okay, down to business. Andrew grew up knowing he looked different to his family and assumed he was adopted.

8. Those baby photos though. Cuteness overload.

9. So despite battling with his self-esteem at the thought that his mother gave him up, Andrew was able to find self-worth through music and performance. Nice.

10. But Andrew’s dad had a secret burning a hole in his pocket.

11. Christmas eve?! What a cheery time to go revealing the truth behind your son’s parentage.

12. Dun dun DUN – Andrew’s mum, Joyce, is his real mum.

13. But hold your horses! Andrew is actually the product of her affair!

14. Aaaand, I’m gobsmacked. Smacked gob, right here.

15. “All he did was love me.” Dad of the Year Award goes to Andrew’s dad. What a trooper.

16. Andrew was fostered out 10 days after his birth, so that his parents could adopt him without anyone suspecting anything. Sheeeeeesh.

17. So things we know so far about Andrew’s biological dad – Mum, Joyce worked in a biscuit factory in the 60s, and she had a ‘special friend’ called George who was Jamaican.

18. Speaking of Jamaica, you’re Jamaican me crazy for your taste in soft furnishings, Andrew. Those cushions are amazing.

19. First step in Operation Find Andrew’s Biological Dad: take an AncestryDNA test and see if his ethnicity estimate and DNA matches unearth any clues.

20. Never thought I’d cross my fingers over someone’s spit, but there’s a first for everything.

21. While we wait for Andrew’s DNA results, we’re scooting over to West Sussex to meet Kirsty who’s also looking for her missing dad.

22. He left his daughter after 2 years? No Father’s Day cards for you.

23. Right, so sounds like things were a bit up and down in Kirsty’s household – her mum had post-natal depression and her dad left pretty early on after Kirsty was born.

24. Ooh, we have photos. This is a start.

25. “I’m really worried that he’s going to be horrible.” Bless.


27. So, we don’t know a lot about Kirsty’s father, other than the fact that he left Kirsty’s mum when Kirsty was 3 months old but stopped visiting entirely when Kirsty was two because there was a new ‘dad’ in Kirsty’s life.

28. Hmm, I smell something fishy going on here….

29. Everybody meet genealogist consultant, Naomi aka Kirsty’s personal Sherlock Holmes.

30. A couple of clicks on Ancestry and BOOM! Kirsty has found her dad’s second wife and her half-brother.

31. Naw, Kirsty’s face when she saw her little bro’s name in the records. Adorable.

32. Back to our mate Andrew who’s visiting his Aunty Doll and SHE IS THE CUTEST.

33. Finally! Aunty Doll spills the beans on what was going through Joyce’s head all those years ago.

34. Meanwhile, genealogist, Naomi has been doing some digging and found Kirsty’s dad in the public records.

35. Surprise surprise – he’s still living in Essex.

36. In the mean time, Andrew’s amped up his search for the mysterious George by looping in Dennis, an expert in Caribbean genealogy.

37. The old biscuit factory where George and Joyce worked is a dead end so Andrew puts out an ad in the local classifieds.

38. Wait a second… Classifieds still exist?

39. Oh mate, this letter from Kirsty’s dad is going to bring on all. the. tears. Reaching for the tissues…

40. Oh man, Kirsty’s crying which means I’m crying.

41. Okay, so that explains some things but I’m still not satisfied by his reasons.

42. Bring on Kirsty’s reunion with David. I want more answers to why he split 20 years ago.

43. Breakthrough for Andrew – he’s had a DNA match on his biological dad’s side. Erika is his 1st or 2nd cousin which she may potentially have a close connection to his father.

44. Let’s hope Erika responds to Andrew’s message.

45. Right, soooo not Jamaican after all then? Andrew’s confused. I’m confused. We’re all confused.

46. Scrap that! AncestryDNA expert, Brad Argent, has made sense of Andrew’s ethnicity results and confirmed that Andrew definitely has Caribbean descent.

47. Erika, you are the key. No pressure.

48. Another story about a missing dad… here’s hoping Fifi’s story has a happy ending.

49. So far, not so good – potential-Dad John is like, ‘Yeah, no. Definitely not your dad.’

50. Enter… AncestryDNA test.

51. 99.9% positive – we have a Dad!

52. Naw, now Fifi and John are all chummy! What a relief.

53. “She’s me girl.” * sob *

54. Good ol’ Andrew keeping his chin up despite not having found out anything more about his biological dad.

55. “Cup a tea and biscuit?” YES, ALEX. The answer to all life’s set backs.

56. Kirsty’s going to meet her biological dad and he better be chomping at the bit to walk her down the aisle or else I’m quitting.

57. Here comes David…

58. Their smiles! They have the EXACT same smile. Talk about inheriting DNA…

59. Kirsty’s face as David tells her that he’s thought about her everyday is priceless.

60. “She’s a beautiful beautiful young lady.” Yes, she is. Are you going to walk her down the aisle or not? I HAVE TO KNOW!

61. I’m emotionally exhausted. Now I need a cup of tea and a biscuit…

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  1. Ladkyis

    Were you sitting in my head all through that programme? ok not so much about the stylist and the hair, I am way to old for such frippery (can’t be a*sed) but all the other things oh yes! right there with you. All those thoughts gallumping through my mind – I was even knitting faster at some points!

    • It isn’t on FreeView, but needs a subscription.
      It’s on Sky, Virgin Media, Smallworld Cable, BT TV, TalkTalk TV, and TVPlayer (when subscribed to TVPlayer Plus).

    • Kristen Hyde

      Hi Alison. The Secrets In My Family can be found on the W Channel (Sky 109, Virgin 125, BT 311) on Mondays at 9pm.

    • Kristen Hyde

      Hi Doug. The Secrets In My Family will be back on the telly tonight at 9pm on the W Channel (Sky 109, Virgin 125, BT 311). Hope you can tune in!

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