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After last week’s episode of The Secrets In My Family, I didn’t think my heart could cope with any more disappointments or shock revelations.

Thankfully, Episode 3 is bursting to the brim with some good news stories. Here are 45 thoughts I had while watching this week’s episode.

1. Another week! Another episode of family secrets. Let’s see what stories the latest episode of The Secrets In My Family reveals.

2. First up we have Hollie who is an artist at Madam Tussauds, the world famous wax figure museum.

3. I’ve never understood the fascination of Madam Tussauds. I guess getting photos with giant wax statues aren’t for everyone… even if they are shaped to look like Benedict Cumberbatch.

4. Hollie’s dad left before she was born, having been sent away by her mother because he needed to get himself straightened out. 26 years later, she’s ready to find him.

5. Hollie, your nails are on point, btw. Loving the orange.

6. For 10 years, Hollie has been searching online and has also taken an AncestryDNA test to see if she can find her dad through the DNA network which is now at 6 million people worldwide.

7. 6 million people. That is a lot of saliva. Wrap your head around how many bathtubs full of saliva that is.

8. Hollie’s dad sounds like he was in a pretty rough place 26 years ago, relying quite heavily on drugs to get by. Fingers crossed he’s sorted himself out over the last 26 years.

9. “What’s it like to have a dad?” It’s those types of comments that get me right in the gooey heart. We all grow up having such different family experiences.

10. Now we have Richie. Richie’s parents split up when he was 3. His dad went on to have other relationships, but sadly passed away when he was 15.

11. After having grown up without brothers or sisters, it was only at his father’s funeral that Richie discovered he had a half-sister, a secret that had been kept from him.

12. Somewhere out there in the world is Richie’s half-sister Keisha, and he wants to find her so that he can finally be the big brother he’s always wanted to be.

13. Richie actually found Keisha on social media when she was 16, but didn’t want to contact her given that it would have been a crucial time in her school life.

14. Not wanting to interrupt or upset his sister… Richie already has this big brother gig down pat!

15. Genealogist, Naomi is back! But family history research is failing to bring up any new clu…

16. Hold the phone!

17. For 10 years, Hollie has been searching for her father using the wrong spelling!

18. Researchers take note! Always play with spelling.

19. Not good news for Richie. Naomi has found Keisha’s birth certificate, but there’s no Father listed which means that we can’t be sure that Richie and Keisha are siblings.

20. Sounds like a case for DNA testing.

21. Awww Richie! Don’t lose heart, mate! What I wouldn’t do to give that man a hug right now.

22. Another story about secret siblings… Mandy was a living a normal everyday life with her parents and sister, when her half-brother, Will arrived on their doorstep.

23. While her father didn’t want to know him, Mandy and Will started writing letters. But before they could ever meet, Mandy was told by her parents that Will had died.

24. But…. he hadn’t.

25. Mandy was able to track Will down, and become the family they both always wanted to have.

26. Meanwhile, Hollie is trying to sort out how she feels about looking for her dad by having deep and meaningful chats with her fiancé… who’s accent I’m still trying to work out.

27. English? South African? Australian? Very unclear who he supports in the rugby…

28. Ooh! The AncestryDNA results are in for Richie…

29. And… we have a half-brother! Yay, Richie!

30. Sadly, Keisha’s mum passed away when she was little which is why she grew up not knowing Richie existed.

31. So first step is for Richie to meet Aunty Jill.

32. This episode is coming up roses! The team have also been able to track down Hollie’s dad, and it turns out he’s been in Bournemouth all this time, which is where Hollie went to university.

33. She could have been waiting behind him in line at Tescos. And. Never. Even. Known. It.

34. And he’s been clean for 25 years! That’s great news.

35. Richie’s meeting Aunty Jill and Aunty Jill looks like she’s no push over.

36. But how could you not love Richie? He’s like a big cuddly teddy bear!

37. Time has come for Hollie to meet her dad.

38. Look how happy Hollie looks!

39. Sounds like her dad has a really positive outlook on his past, and where he is now.

40. So much water under the bridge between these two. You could focus on all the things that went wrong and why he left and why he didn’t get in touch sooner, but he wants to be here now and I think that’s the most important thing.

41. Now it’s Richie’s turn!

42. Oh, they’re just like two peas in a pod! The same facial features and the same easy-going nature.

43. “Stay away from the boys.” Ha. Richie’s really getting in to this brother role.

44. Richie is so excited! And so chuffed!

45. What a great episode. So many loose ends tied up. So many happy endings.

Head to The Secrets In My Family to watch highlights from the show and learn more about AncestryDNA.


  1. ADam Cole

    Thankfully, Episode 3 is bursting to the brim with some good news stories. Here are 45 thoughts I had while watching this week’s episode.

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  4. This scene is coming up roses! The group have likewise had the capacity to find Hollie’s father, and it turns out he’s been in Bournemouth this time, which is the place Hollie went to college.

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