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Did anybody else watch last night’s episode of The Secrets In My Family and then message their sister to reinforce how much they love her?

No? Just me then.

This week’s episode focused on two journeys of sisters looking for their siblings, and a nice little side story about two sisters who found each other courtesy of their dad’s reputation as a conman. The big takeaway? A sister’s love is for life.

Here are 60 thoughts I had watching Episode 4 of The Secrets In My Family. You can learn more about The Secrets In My Family, and the role of AncestryDNA in family research here.

1. We’re half way through the season! Only another three episodes left of The Secrets In My Family.

2. Have to make these good times last….

3. Right, let’s get down to business. Whose lives are going to be changed tonight? Tell us, Alex!

4. First up we have sisters, Lauren and Paige, who are looking for their half- brother, Jack.

5. Lauren and Paige’s dad left their mother when they were toddlers. When a few years had gone by, they started visiting their father more regularly. His girlfriend, Natalie, was then pregnant with Jack.

6. But the relationship didn’t last. Natalie and their dad split up, and a pregnant Natalie moved away.

7. Lauren and Paige come from a large family and are very close to their nine siblings (both full, and half.)

8. Wow – that is quite a family tree.

9. Imagine buying Christmas presents for all those people? I fatigue at the thought…

10. These girls are the sweetest! They just want to meet their little brother, and have him be a part of their (huge, loving) family.

11. Sounds like they’ve tried their darndest to find Jack through all other means. Facebook Stalking could not solve this mystery it seems.

12. It’s the perfect case for Alex Jones and AncestryDNA!.

13. That trench coat…. great choice by Alex’s wardrobe team.

14. Next we have Maureen, who is looking for her half sister, Beryl.

15. The sisters were separated when they were little because their mum had an affair, and ran off with another man.

16. Beryl went to live with her maternal grandparents, and Maureen stayed with their dad.

17. Poor Maureen wasn’t even allowed to talk about Beryl with her dad’s new wife, and her family.

18. Side note: Maureen has a gorgeous backyard! Look at all that space!

19. So because of her infidelity, Maureen’s mum lost her claim to Maureen, and Maureen has the letter that shows her freely expressing her will to give up Maureen. That’s heart-breaking.

20. Oh my goodness, Maureen’s last memory of her sister is so sad!

21. I need this reunion to happen.

22. I love Maureen.

23. I love Maureen even more now that she’s pushing her walker in a hoodie and is essentially a gangster.

24. She’s a gangster granny.

25. It’s amazing how a place – Maureen’s old house where the affair had first happened – can be so traumatic.

26. Back to the sisters, and their hunt for baby brother Jack.

27. They thought they’d found his birth certificate but now there’s doubts that the one they have is his…

28. And the girls’ dad confirms their fears. Jack’s birth was a few years later than they thought.

29. The girls are back to square one. All they have is a name.

30. Naomi’s back! And she’s found a clue about Maureen’s sister.

31. Aaaaaand, it too is sad news. Naomi found a death certificate – Beryl has passed away.

32. Lauren and Paige are bringing in the big guns. They’re meeting with genealogist Olivia to see if they can trace down more details about Jack.

33. The girls have had to order 27 birth certificates in the hope that one will lead them to Jack.

34. The sisters are legitimately addled – everything they thought they knew about Jack could be completely wrong.

35. Olivia’s search for Jack was a needle in a haystack, but the 27 birth certificates have thrown up a Jack that fits his profile.

36. But there’s a catch… Jack is 17 which means he’s a minor. The team are going to write to mum, Natalie to check that Lauren and Paige are able to reach out to him.

37. Poor Maureen has learnt the news about her sister, Beryl.

38. But Maureen is also learning new information about her sister. Maureen had an illegitimate son which she gave up for adoption, and a few years later was married and had two children – a son and daughter.

39. But there were more rough times ahead for Beryl. Her first husband died, and after she was remarried, her daughter Adele passed away.

40. But amidst the tragedies, there’s some good news. Beryl’s son, Adrian wants to meet Maureen.

41. “It’s like a piece of Beryl.” Sniff….

42. Yay! The team have been in contact with Jack and he wants to meet Lauren and Paige.

43. Tears all round!

44. And today is Jack’s birthday! Imagining receiving two amazing sisters for your birthday. Bit tricky to wrap, but a joy nonetheless.

45. Now we have Heather and Liz who discovered later in life that they were half-sisters.

46. Their father was a notorious conman, and there were a number of write-ups in the newspaper about his swindles.

47. Heather learnt about the existence of Liz, and was able to track her down through social media and make contact.

48. Imagine receiving that casual Facebook request…

49. The two were able to meet and are now in constant contact. They’ve even tried to find more half-siblings.

50. Ooh, Alex is at the reunion house! Reunions are coming!

51. Maureen looks lovely (..if not a bit nervous).

52. But here’s Adrian! And he’s brought photos of Beryl for Maureen to look at.

53. But it’s not all roses – Maureen’s learnt some tough things about the life Beryl led.

54. True to form, Alex senses sadness so is putting the kettle on for a cup of tea.

55. Now the sisters’ turn!

56. And Jack’s brought his mum, Natalie!

57. Natalie found the girls on Facebook when they were younger but didn’t think it was appropriate to make contact at the time.

58. Jack looks…. the way a 17 year old would look if he had just inherited two older sisters…

59. But the sisters are smitten. And one thing is clear…

60. …Jack will be getting Christmas presents this year whether he likes it or not.

Kristen Hyde

Kristen is Ancestry's Social Media Manager for the United Kingdom.


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