Posted by Kristen Hyde on April 3, 2019 in Entertainment

The stork is circling the grounds of Kensington Palace as we patiently await the arrival of Harry and Meghan’s first baby. Due at the end of April, the rumour mill is working overtime as people place their predictions at what name Harry and Meghan will give to the Queen’s eighth great-grandchild.

As it would appear our invite to Meghan’s baby shower went missing in the mail, we decided to play our own game of the Guess the Baby Name. We invited representatives from our research and Ancestry Progenealogists teams to place their predictions, using names from Harry and Meghan’s family trees as inspiration. Check out their guesses below, and add your own suggestions to the comments!

What’s in a name? Only time will tell!

Charles Alvin Windsor has a lovely ring to it! Ancestry ProGenealogist, Joanne Doyle has predicted that Harry and Meghan will give a nice little nod to Prince Charles, while also celebrating Meghan’s African American Roots.


Jenn Utley, Director of Family History Research at Ancestry, is confident that the couple will use names from Harry’s family tree and recognise Prince Philip with a namesake.


Our first nod to Diana! A lovely rationale from Joanne Penn on our Ancestry ProGenealogists team on how the royal couple might turn to their family trees for inspiration.


Ancestry family history researcher, Mellisa Betts is putting her ‘bet’ on Mary Louise Diana – choosing names that are specifically shared across both of the couples family trees.


We’re loving this prediction from Michelle Ercanbrack on Ancestry’s research team, who’s put a modern twist on a lovely nod to Diana.

What name do you think the royal couple will choose? Add your prediction to the comments below!


  1. Crystal Waston

    Great initiative. But all of these names and other data are merely based on the prediction. Though the data provider went through research, we should not take it seriously. The real name can be known only after the birth of the royal baby! I know, everyone is curious about the royal baby. Huge prediction is going on. To know more, navigate to these guys. But no one knows whether these will be proved or know. Thank you for sharing this interesting article. I glad to read it.

  2. Di

    I have sent an email to a potential relative, via the site. Should I be able to see this in my personal outbox as well as in the ancestry site sent box.

    I am surprised not to have received a reply. I have not been able to check if the message has been read.

    Thanks for any help.

  3. Steve Smith

    Good guess. Would that the guess come true!. Already the world has experienced this royal baby. But the prediction was awesome. In fact. The royal baby went through the royal prediction, no doubt. Actually, the prediction doesn’t,t always come true. By the way, I am not a genealogist. I am involved with as a freelance content writer. But like all, I was also excited about coming new royal baby. Thank you.!

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