Posted by Kristen Hyde on November 18, 2020 in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Website

While digitised paper records can offer incredible details about our ancestors’ lives, sometimes it can be very moving to see visual evidence of the periods of time that they lived through, particularly key moments such as WWII.

Through the U.S, United News Newsreels, 1942-1946, we are given a front-row seat to some of the events and military operations undertaken by the US and overseas forces during WWII. While this footage was largely used for US propaganda and to promote patriotism during WWII, it does offer researchers valuable visual insight into the experiences of their ancestors during this time.

We invited Ancestry ProGenealogist and military specialist, Simon Pearce to watch a selection of these newsreels and to share his reaction, and research tips, from what he saw.

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Battle of the Atlantic


Ferry Command

Munitions Workers

Sydney Harbour

The Blitz

VE Day