Posted by Kristen Hyde on November 10, 2021 in Uncategorized

Ancestry has a long history of innovation which has driven our leadership in family history and consumer genomics, so we are incredibly proud to introduce AncestryDNA Traits to our UK customers.  Previously only available to our US members, Traits is a fun and insightful way for you to further explore who you are, where you come from and what makes you unique.

Combining cutting-edge science with data, Traits allows you to discover up to 36 traits and attributes influenced by your DNA in an innovative and engaging way.  You can learn more about each of the traits you’ve inherited from your ancestors, find out who else you share that trait with and where in the world it connects you to.

Split into four categories (Fitness, Nutrients, Sensory and Appearance) the traits will help you discover whether you have the ‘sprinter gene’ or are more of an endurance person, how your body may react to certain vitamins or other nutrients.  It might reveal whether you are susceptible to sun sneezing or likely to be lactose intolerant or perhaps even what colour hair or eyes run in your family!

Additional interactive features such as ‘Around the World’ let you delve even deeper and find out where in the world your traits are most commonly found and how they might be connected to your ethnic origins.  The ‘Compare’ feature allows you to compare the genetic markers that influence your traits with friends, family, or any other AncestryDNA customer who has Traits.  You can see what today’s genetic science has to say about what you have in common with friends and family – then maybe share your findings around the dinner table with them this holiday season.

Traits is just the latest example of the many tools we’re working on to enable a journey of personal discovery that we hope will enrich your life.  As in everything we do, protecting your privacy is our highest priority, so we will continue to place you in control of your data – that means both you and anyone you wish to compare traits with must first consent to participate.

Traits is available to all new customers from 1st November and will be available for existing members early in 2022.