Ancestry has the world’s largest network of family trees. Based on publicly available information, we conduct regular audits of select competitors across our family history business to ensure this claim is and remains accurate. For reference, please see the below list of select competitors and their publicly available total tree number.

Select competitors with comparable holdings 122 million total trees Makes no reference to individual family trees, rather merely refers to one consolidated tree. 78 million total trees Personal trees are not accessible by other users, users just have individual trees, and as such no ‘network of family trees’ One collective tree that is made up of 26,669,994 profiles

Select competitors with non-comparable holdings The family tree that 23andMe auto builds is from your DNA relatives. Users must manually enter family members related through marriage, etc. The most recent figure of DNA kits sold is 12 million, which is less than Ancestry’s total tree number. They do not offer family tree services. The platform solely helps people locate graves and commemorate ancestors

These figures were collated in April 2021.

* For context the above information is based on publicly available total tree number and is not a full representation of the array of competitors faced in each jurisdiction and product area in which we operate.