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5 new ways to trace your military ancestors

Military Records
3 July 2014

We’re giving you 5 new ways to trace your military ancestors this Remembrance Weekend. We’ve added thousands of new records covering both World Wars, and stretching right back into the 19th century.

The largest new release is Commonwealth War Graves, 1914-1945. If you have relatives who fell in either World War I or II, this collection could tell you where they’re buried, and also give you the names of other family members. It covers more than half a million graves in total.

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Our second new collection is no less emotive. Prisoners of War, 1914-1918, reveals 8,000 British officers who were captured during WWI, and tells you their ranks, regiments and dates of capture and release.

If you’re looking for WWII veterans, we’ve also added thousands more records to the similar Prisoners of War, 1939–1945. This includes ordinary soldiers as well as officers. Plus, you’ll find new Memorial Books from WWI and WWII, and additions to our Navy Lists, 1888-1963.

Don’t forget, we already have the largest online collection of World War I records, plus medal records, casualty lists and more from the modern era right back to the Battle of Waterloo. So there are plenty of opportunities to discover your family’s heroes.

See all our military records here.



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