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5 Summer Desserts to Celebrate Your British Heritage

Family History
14 March 2024
by Ancestry Team

Picturesque green lawns, expansive white tents, delicious sponge cakes… that sounds a bit like the The Great British Bake Off, doesn’t it?

Whether you’re a fan of the hit baking competition or just a fan of sweet treats, a love of British desserts may be in your DNA.

An AncestryDNA test can reveal just how British you are.

In the meantime, grab a cup of tea and enjoy these 5 mouthwatering desserts.

Victoria Sponge Cake

Any fan of the The Great British Bake Off  knows the importance of achieving the proper consistency in a sponge cake. It must be just right!

Prepare your own classic Victoria sponge cake—named for Queen Victoria in honor of her love for these delectable cakes—and serve it with a nice, summery jam, like strawberry.

It’s like a little bit of Britain in your very own kitchen.

Summer Pudding

Maybe your childhood idea of pudding make you think of those little snack packs in your lunchbox.

But traditional British summer pudding is packed with fruit and is oh-so-tasty, too.

Summer pudding has a long history as part of British fare. The August 1, 1931 edition of The Guardian newspaper said:

“With raspberries and red currants coming in, summer pudding must not be forgotten… [E]verybody knows how to make this delectable dish, with its layers of plain, thin bread and the raspberries and currants pressed into it.”

Your British ancestors probably enjoyed summer pudding on a regular basis, so why not try making it yourself?

Fruit Tart

It’s like a pie, only not a pie, because it doesn’t have a top crust.

A tart features a bottom crust made of pastry and fruit filling – think blueberries, plums, or any of your favorite fruits.

To add even more classic British summertime flair, opt for the addition of elderflower flavoring if it suits the fruit that you’ve chosen (it tends to pair well with berries or rhubarb).

Traditional Trifle

If you want to make a British dessert that is iconic, traditional, delicious, and includes layers and layers of goodness, then you’ll want to prepare a trifle today (as in, right now, this very minute!).

A proper trifle consists of custard, fruit, and sponge cake, topped off with whipped cream and displayed in a clear glass bowl (known as a trifle bowl) that serves to accentuate the beauty of the layers.

The history of trifle in England dates back several centuries, so if you’re looking for an authentic dessert to celebrate your heritage, this is it.

Fruit Crumble

If you want to create a dessert that highlights the delight of fresh summer berries, yet doesn’t require much time in the kitchen, mix together a fruit-filled crumble.

A British fruit crumble is nearly identical to what we usually call a “crisp” here in the United States, although one distinction is that a crisp usually has oats, whereas the crumble most often does not.

But if you’re making a crisp to celebrate your British heritage, by all means—do call it a crumble.

Could a love of these British desserts be in your DNA? Take an AncestryDNA test to find out. You might be surprised!

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