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The new full English breakfast is a toast to our heritage

26 October 2017
by Ancestry

With one billion ‘full Englishes’ consumed each year, the breakfast is a much-loved national staple. But how English is the full English breakfast?

Ancestry partnered with Masterchef 2017 finalist Steve Kielty to recreate the ‘full English breakfast’ to better reflect the diversity of the average Brit.

With the typical English person* only having 37.4% DNA from Great Britain, this means that the ‘full works’ has become a cultural melting pot.

To make a truly representative full English in 2017, it’s goodbye bacon, hello Spanish Ibérico pork belly, so long scrambled eggs, welcome Scandinavian baked egg.


Photo by John Nguyen/PA Wire

By percentage, the top four ingredients in the “real full English breakfast” would be:

  • British pork sausages (~37%)
  • French cassoulet beans (~21%)
  • Irish pototo farls (~20%)
  • Scandinavian baked egg (~10%)

Talking about the collaboration, Steve Kielty was hopeful people could use the meal as inspiration.

“Food can be a fantastic expression of who people are and we hope this collaboration will not only encourage people to try our new full English recipe, but take a test and create some gastronomical magic based on their own unique heritage.”

Hungry to know more? Find out your unique ethnic mix with an AncestryDNA test.

* Based on the DNA tests that have been carried out by AncestryDNA

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