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Are you a fan of Who Do You Think You Are? Love yourself a bit of Antiques Roadshow? Believe nothing beats finding a history documentary when you’re flicking through the channels? We have exciting news for you…

A brand new show is coming to Ch4, and we have had the honour of working alongside Big Mountain Productions and the Ch4 team to bring it to a TV screen near you.

My Family Secrets Revealed is a family history-focused show, which uses traditional family history research and DNA testing to solve family history mysteries. Brits from across the country came to My Family Secrets Revealed’s team of genealogists and family historians in the hope that we could prove, disprove, or finally solve the mysteries, questions, or rumours that have circulated through their families for years.

From learning life-changing details about evasive ancestors, and finding mysterious traces of DNA from regions never expected, to searching for family connections to Charles Craig, George Clooney and even the Rocketman himself, Elton John – every story on My Family Secrets Revealed taps into our human curiosity about what came before us and who our ancestors were.

My Family Secrets Revealed is hosted by Sian Williams, best known for her impressive career as a journalist and news presenter for BBC and Ch5, and features some of Britain’s respected historians and genealogists.

We’re excited to be a partner of the show and to have helped participants learn more about their family stories through Ancestry’s family history and DNA resources.

So tune in! My Family Secrets Revealed will air daily at 1.05pm on Ch4, starting December 3.

Kristen Hyde

Kristen is Ancestry's Social Media Manager for the United Kingdom.


      • Jennifer lindsay

        GG grandfather was serving in the R/A in Corfu from 1839, he was born in 1822 from Lancashire although no birth certificate, I know he absconded and was court martial I think in Chester, have drawn a blank for this period so any held would be appreciated

    • caroline brooke

      I have tried to find out about my mother,s past I know almost nothing about her was she Polish or German living in Nienberg weser at the end of the war married my father B A O R in 1948 came to Britain in 1948/ 49 can someone help me?

  1. Kenneth Thomson

    The statement that Bonnie Prince Charlie had come to take the English crown for Scotland is factually incorrect. He came to restore the BRITISH crown to the House of Stuart. In fact the conversation refers frequently to English v Scots when in was a Jacobite rising with support in Scotland, England and Wales. It would be more correct to place it as a war of Catholics v Protestants. I would appreciate a correction to avoid the continued national divisiveness this topic always raises.
    Thank you
    K Thomson

  2. R Gill

    My ailing sister and I would like your help if possible.
    Our father was a commissioned officer in WW1, in WW2 HE took the Official Secrets Act and we know nothing after that. At his funeral strange men in long black coats, Crom by and top hats attended, all unknown to my mother and sister, could you help?

  3. Mr Andy Horne

    I’m the only person left (except my mother who is 95 & has OAD). My mum’s father died in 1923 when my mum was 6mths old, leaving her mum to look after 10 children.
    My Mum’s father (Bishop) was a traveller, linked to the fairground and green space called ’32a Deptford High Street, London’.
    Who/how do I find out any more info?
    I’ve traced my father’s (Horne) side back to 1695 and hoping to back further.

  4. Janet Johnson

    We have been trying to trace our great grandfather Charles Pikett died in 1904 at the age of 48, we know that his father was also called Charles. We think that the spelling of the surname has been charged. So any help would be very much appreciated.

  5. Frances Miszkiel

    Hi I Didn’t Know Anything About This Television Programme Else I Would Have Applied To Be On It As I Have Secrets Within My Family History I Would Like Solved How Do I Go About This Please

    • Neddley Mckenzie

      Hi there how would I go about applying too go on the programme. I finding painfully difficult too trace my family I have seen for 33 years I was put in care . Please could you help

  6. Hazel Stringer

    I would love to “prove” some of our family myths! From Grandad,who always said if he had learned to shoot straight WW2 would not have happened.; Grandma whose family escaped the French Revolution: my husband’s Mum whose family went to the West Indies after backing “the wrong side” in the English Civil war to my greatest enigma, my father in law, who was never born,does not seem to have had a father and whose war time globetrotting in WW2 gives us enough tales to fill a book!

  7. Jennifer lindsay

    I would love to find out about my gg grandfather John lindsay who was born in 1822 from Lancashire although no birth certificate, I know he was gunner in the R/A and from1839 he was serving in Corfu, and was court martial but can find no other records! Any help would be fantastic as I have hit a brick wall. Many thanks

  8. Karen Israel

    Like other people here I would love to find out about my family and/or my husband’s family who were expelled from Spain in 1492 and ended up in Turkey. The family lived there till 1948.
    I noticed that there was no answer to the question posed ‘is there a way of getting on the show?’ Any chance of finding out please?

  9. Ray Kathleen

    Also is leading me into something else I have been curious about. And the real reason I am trying to learn about these things. Magnets and crystals. When a magnet is put up against a crystal the field lines are entering the crystal and the spinning charged particles are putting a force which is trying to get the charges in the crystal to spin. Here’s where I am jumping. Like light refracted into many colors. Field lines which are the potential for if an particle enters to move it. are split up or carried. No the lines are only a range of what it can grab as for being actual things not
    really more currents. but perhaps these currents can still be mutated by the introduction to a crystal.

  10. K

    Is it possible to find a relation from nothing more than a marriage certificate? I have his wife and children but no way can I find him at all and I have searched for about 20 years now. Any advice or am I just wasting my time?

  11. Peter Morries

    Love.the programme, trying to find out about a family member who built a flying.machine in the area.of stoke on Trent named William morries at the turn of 18/1900 it was reported in the stoke on Trent sentinel can’t find a lot more but have the press cutting

    • Linda Witherall

      My grandmother was born in india and married? a man whos birth I can find, but no marriage or death for him here or in india. My mother baptism certificate names him as the father. I have been searching for about 20 years now. My mother has dies and her sister known only what I can tell her. I would love to find out more PLEASE PLEASE help before my aunt, who is in her 80’s dies.
      Many thanks
      Linda Witherall

  12. Peter Francis

    Regarding your My Family Secrets Revealed..I would like to apply to the show.
    My Grandad George F Francis
    Lost a leg WW1.apparently on the battlefield in Louvre France.He married my gran 1921 they had my dad Jack 1922..George went on to run a butchers shop in Stockport he also had convalesence in Liverpool forces hospital in his latter years.He died 1937 aged 43. Would like to know more of George..This is basically all the info I have.He was a survivor.I guess.
    Many thanks. Peter Francis..

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