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Are you a fan of Who Do You Think You Are? Love yourself a bit of Antiques Roadshow? Believe nothing beats finding a history documentary when you’re flicking through the channels? We have exciting news for you…

A brand new show is coming to Ch4, and we have had the honour of working alongside Big Mountain Productions and the Ch4 team to bring it to a TV screen near you.

My Family Secrets Revealed is a family history-focused show, which uses traditional family history research and DNA testing to solve family history mysteries. Brits from across the country came to My Family Secrets Revealed’s team of genealogists and family historians in the hope that we could prove, disprove, or finally solve the mysteries, questions, or rumours that have circulated through their families for years.

From learning life-changing details about evasive ancestors, and finding mysterious traces of DNA from regions never expected, to searching for family connections to Charles Craig, George Clooney and even the Rocketman himself, Elton John – every story on My Family Secrets Revealed taps into our human curiosity about what came before us and who our ancestors were.

My Family Secrets Revealed is hosted by Sian Williams, best known for her impressive career as a journalist and news presenter for BBC and Ch5, and features some of Britain’s respected historians and genealogists.

We’re excited to be a partner of the show and to have helped participants learn more about their family stories through Ancestry’s family history and DNA resources.

So tune in! My Family Secrets Revealed will air daily at 1.05pm on Ch4, starting December 3.


    • Alan webb

      If the next series is anything like this one then it is open to anyone in the UK who is 18+ to apply for…..

      • Jennifer lindsay

        GG grandfather was serving in the R/A in Corfu from 1839, he was born in 1822 from Lancashire although no birth certificate, I know he absconded and was court martial I think in Chester, have drawn a blank for this period so any held would be appreciated

        • Valerie Chantry

          How can I find out where this series will be in 2019? How can I ask about my family secrets- 1 on my mother’s side of the family and 1 on my father’s side?

        • Susan Redmore

          Hi I am trying to trace any information on my Father or Grandparents. I have been using Ancestry UK but have been unable to find out anything other than what I already know, as written below, My Father Colin Biles born around 1930 and died 2014. He was evacuated from ?London to either Gillingham, Sherborne or Shaftesbury in Dorset during the war, born of Italian father ?Nochelini and English mother name unknown, he also had a twin sister, possibly named Maria. He was thought to have been born ? Marcelia/o Nochelini? but was adopted and given the name of Colin FJ Biles, he married Sheila Restrick in 1955 and had 2 children, he was married again in 1969 and 1988 Weymouth. He was possibly in the Army parachute regiment between 1955-1970. Colin’s Father was also in the parachute regiment and died as a POW in WW2 during the construction of the Thai Burma railway. I am finding it very difficult to find any other information on my father or grandperents, I would really like to know who I am, Biles or Nochelini? I really don’t know what to do next.

      • Charles Denis Domville

        Can trace to William 1 on male side on grandmothers side worked on mersyferrys and saved 27 people from drowning

      • Julia Astbury

        Hello I was wondering how I could get help on your programme to research my Grand dad Henry Butter from shropshire and the family myth is that he and his two brothers went to North America but later returned. The family “myth” is that he joined the Buffalo bill touring show who did actually visit Trentham Gardens in neighbouring Staffordshire. It would be great to see if he was involved in this.

      • Shirley Dionisio

        I’m from America, but my Grandfather, Louis/Lewis H. Gilbert, was born in the UK. He died years before I was born, & I was an uninterested 20 year old when my Grandmother died & never questioned her about my Grandfather. My mother & aunt had no history of him, either, as they were not close, as he was constantly off starting different business ventures.

        All I have been able to find was his Naturalization record from 1905, & a Census from 1920 in Massachusetts listing his birth year as 1862. I’m guessing he got naturalized so as to marry my Grandmother. Their first child was born in 1906.

        I do know that he was considered an Opera Singer & performed in different American cities since that’s how he met my Grandmother who was accompanying him on piano in New York. They traveled together doing that until my aunt was born.

        Being 70 & living on Government Assistance, I can’t afford memberships to any of the Genealogy or DNA sites. Would love to know of his childhood & family to educate my sons & Grandsons. Could you tell me where I could find any information? Thank you. Sincerely, Shirley Dionisio

      • Karen Bailey

        Karen Bailey
        January 31, 2019 at 2:22 pm
        I am glued to the programme. EXCELLENT. I have been told that an ancestor of my husband developed a new and quicker system for sorting letters for the GPO. I think it was John Dinmore b1856 living in Lambeth area in 1891 census. Would that be interesting to investigate. I would love to find out. Keep making the programme. Thank you.

      • Gloria Pulfer

        I would like to trace an ancestor who left a lot of money to the Boswell family , we couldn’t claim it because they needed a certificate .the church where it was lost or mislaid the certificate so it was left in state . The person emigrated to Canada my grit grit grandad was George Boswell , grandad Zephaniah Boswell . Father William Oswald Boswell .i was born Gloria Boswell Ben 03/02/1946 , would love to trace the missing Legacy but don’t know how , could you please help me .

    • caroline brooke

      I have tried to find out about my mother,s past I know almost nothing about her was she Polish or German living in Nienberg weser at the end of the war married my father B A O R in 1948 came to Britain in 1948/ 49 can someone help me?

      • Karen Bailey

        I am glued to the programme. Excellent. I have been told that a ancestor of my husband developed a new system for sorting letters for the GPO. I think it was John Dinmore b1856 living in Lambeth area in 1891 census. Would that being interesting to investigate. I would love to find out. Keep making the programme. Thank you

    • Lynda Martin

      Finding it very difficult to trace members of my maternal gg.grandfathers ancestors, I was told that one of my distant family was a member of the Wickwar Gang around 1820/30 – Thomas Gardiner. He was tried and hanged in Bristol Gaol together with another gang member. However another member of the gang was transported to Tasmania and after some time became an established business man and worth considerable money. There was mention of a female Gardiner connected to the gang who was also transported. I would love to be able to confirm the relationship, proving they were actually related to my family. Thank you for reading this email

    • Hazel Graham

      My husband and I (!) have thoroughly enjoyed this show. This is because my husband was a war baby and because of the circumstances of his birth and the mistruths that he was told, he has spent many years trying to piece together his own father’s history . Is there any chance he could be included in a future series?

  1. Kenneth Thomson

    The statement that Bonnie Prince Charlie had come to take the English crown for Scotland is factually incorrect. He came to restore the BRITISH crown to the House of Stuart. In fact the conversation refers frequently to English v Scots when in was a Jacobite rising with support in Scotland, England and Wales. It would be more correct to place it as a war of Catholics v Protestants. I would appreciate a correction to avoid the continued national divisiveness this topic always raises.
    Thank you
    K Thomson

  2. R Gill

    My ailing sister and I would like your help if possible.
    Our father was a commissioned officer in WW1, in WW2 HE took the Official Secrets Act and we know nothing after that. At his funeral strange men in long black coats, Crom by and top hats attended, all unknown to my mother and sister, could you help?

    • Chantal Brooks

      I have the same in my family, men in long coats at my ancestors funeral, I just have a name, John Ironside, it even sounds fishy!

  3. Mr Andy Horne

    I’m the only person left (except my mother who is 95 & has OAD). My mum’s father died in 1923 when my mum was 6mths old, leaving her mum to look after 10 children.
    My Mum’s father (Bishop) was a traveller, linked to the fairground and green space called ’32a Deptford High Street, London’.
    Who/how do I find out any more info?
    I’ve traced my father’s (Horne) side back to 1695 and hoping to back further.

  4. Janet Johnson

    We have been trying to trace our great grandfather Charles Pikett died in 1904 at the age of 48, we know that his father was also called Charles. We think that the spelling of the surname has been charged. So any help would be very much appreciated.

  5. Frances Miszkiel

    Hi I Didn’t Know Anything About This Television Programme Else I Would Have Applied To Be On It As I Have Secrets Within My Family History I Would Like Solved How Do I Go About This Please

    • Neddley Mckenzie

      Hi there how would I go about applying too go on the programme. I finding painfully difficult too trace my family I have seen for 33 years I was put in care . Please could you help

  6. Hazel Stringer

    I would love to “prove” some of our family myths! From Grandad,who always said if he had learned to shoot straight WW2 would not have happened.; Grandma whose family escaped the French Revolution: my husband’s Mum whose family went to the West Indies after backing “the wrong side” in the English Civil war to my greatest enigma, my father in law, who was never born,does not seem to have had a father and whose war time globetrotting in WW2 gives us enough tales to fill a book!

  7. Jennifer lindsay

    I would love to find out about my gg grandfather John lindsay who was born in 1822 from Lancashire although no birth certificate, I know he was gunner in the R/A and from1839 he was serving in Corfu, and was court martial but can find no other records! Any help would be fantastic as I have hit a brick wall. Many thanks

  8. Karen Israel

    Like other people here I would love to find out about my family and/or my husband’s family who were expelled from Spain in 1492 and ended up in Turkey. The family lived there till 1948.
    I noticed that there was no answer to the question posed ‘is there a way of getting on the show?’ Any chance of finding out please?

  9. Ray Kathleen

    Also is leading me into something else I have been curious about. And the real reason I am trying to learn about these things. Magnets and crystals. When a magnet is put up against a crystal the field lines are entering the crystal and the spinning charged particles are putting a force which is trying to get the charges in the crystal to spin. Here’s where I am jumping. Like light refracted into many colors. Field lines which are the potential for if an particle enters to move it. are split up or carried. No the lines are only a range of what it can grab as for being actual things not
    really more currents. but perhaps these currents can still be mutated by the introduction to a crystal.

  10. K

    Is it possible to find a relation from nothing more than a marriage certificate? I have his wife and children but no way can I find him at all and I have searched for about 20 years now. Any advice or am I just wasting my time?

  11. Peter Morries

    Love.the programme, trying to find out about a family member who built a flying.machine in the area.of stoke on Trent named William morries at the turn of 18/1900 it was reported in the stoke on Trent sentinel can’t find a lot more but have the press cutting

  12. Jodie Collins

    Please can you point me in the right direction as to how to apply for the show ( if you can)
    Thank you

    • Linda Witherall

      My grandmother was born in india and married? a man whos birth I can find, but no marriage or death for him here or in india. My mother baptism certificate names him as the father. I have been searching for about 20 years now. My mother has dies and her sister known only what I can tell her. I would love to find out more PLEASE PLEASE help before my aunt, who is in her 80’s dies.
      Many thanks
      Linda Witherall

  13. Peter Francis

    Regarding your My Family Secrets Revealed..I would like to apply to the show.
    My Grandad George F Francis
    Lost a leg WW1.apparently on the battlefield in Louvre France.He married my gran 1921 they had my dad Jack 1922..George went on to run a butchers shop in Stockport he also had convalesence in Liverpool forces hospital in his latter years.He died 1937 aged 43. Would like to know more of George..This is basically all the info I have.He was a survivor.I guess.
    Many thanks. Peter Francis..

  14. Jenny Osborne

    Hi, I would love to know how to apply to the show, i have a family mystery that i’ve been unable to solve myself, and there’s no-one left to ask. Thank you

  15. Linda Crisp

    Would love to be on the show, I have not been able to find anything about my great grandfather prior to 1900. He was born in Tunbridge Wells 1867, I cannot find a birth for him and no parents names other than on this marriage certificate his father is down as George Barnett occupation coastguard.

  16. june trueman

    I have been trying for many years to repatriate a diary with the descendants of its owner, a German soldier during WW1, who my grandfather captured in 1918. Along with the diary is a photograph of, I assume, the soldier and his wife. I have tried over the years to get the content of the diary translated (it’s very feint and in pencil and in Old German) without success. However, having read an article recently on the BBC News website about a man who found old letters between his grandmother and another, I made contact with someone mentioned in the article, and he translated one entry which was Christmas wishes to an Anne Polt of Valdorf, Germany. Would “My Family Secrets Revealed” be able to help me?

  17. Pauline Fear

    I am researching my family tree, in particular the family legend that we are related to Isaac Watts the hymnwriter. My 2x great grandmother Rebecca Maria Quick nee Watts was born in Bracknell in 1833, her parents was James Watts & Maria Elizabeth Weeks. James was born 1804 Romsey. His parents Isaach/Isaac Watts born c1765.
    I cannot find the last link, can antone help?
    Regards Pauline Fear

  18. Deanna Burdett

    Whilst we have my paternal grandfather’s marriage certificate, dated 1920, (and his short army record), we know nothing else about him! (Frederick Potter and Lily Moore).
    We think he was an habitual liar as he gives on three occasions throughout the war, the same age of twenty?
    My father’s parents separated in the 1930s and all five children were placed into care!
    We’d love to know where he was from?
    No one knows what happened to him?
    Dee Burdett

  19. Donald Skinner

    My mother’s Tree links back to the brother of Charles Lamb the Essayist. There is also a believed link to a Ship Owner who amassed a £250,000 fortune in America which disappeared around the time of the American Civil War. Was this money earned as a transporter of slaves we wonder? He operated out of the Pacific coast. We’d love to know.

  20. Joanne Whalin

    Would be very interested in knowing how to be part of future shows. Trying to trace my great great grandmother Ada Ellen Jessie Hughes and a possible link to the royal Danish court. Desperate to find out if I have Danish heritage but have come to a record road block….very frustrating. Many thanks.

  21. Elizabeth Tyrrell

    It was always said in my family that we were related to Grace Darling, who saved the lives of seamen off the coast of Northumberland. This was on my mother’s side of the family – she was Elizabeth Howat , born July 20, 1913. Can you help prove or disprove please?

  22. Jan Lloyd

    Love this show. I have recently done Ancestry DNA which shows 10% German ancestry so I am really interested to find out about this. Also on my paternal side there are apparently links to Devonshires at Chatsworth.

  23. Melissa James

    Anyone know how to apply for the next show my great grandfather was the son of arthur rouse the famous killer who was exicuted in bedfor prison but we cant seem to find out anything else and i a desperate to build a family tree further back than my great grandad xxx

  24. Jessica Scott

    I would love to be on this show! We have many mysteries in our family, names changes by deed poll, travelling to Scotland to give birth yet no links there, great grandfather is thought to be an American airman. I have reached a dead end and would love the help of professionals, it would mean so much to our family.

  25. Debbie Liversidge

    I absolutely love this show and wondered if you can you tell me how to apply to be on it. I have a family myth(?) regarding a famous manufacturer which I was told about but still not sure if it is true and would love your experts to help me solve it.

  26. Sheila Davidson

    I gave been trying to solve a family rumour about ‘missing millions’ and the connection to a distant relative who made visits to the US in the 1850s or so. I have been unable to find out anything about him including his birth. Maybe this programme could help?

  27. Margaret charles

    Looking to establish who was the father of my great grandmother. The earl of Aberdeen or the man her mother later married. I just cannot get any further with it.

  28. Donya Lintern

    I would like to know how to be on the show ,as my grandfather went to cairo but I cant seem to find anything .

  29. Christine Scott

    I’d like to know if the rumour about having Spanish blood is true. I’ve been told one of my ancestors was illegitimate. Her mother had an affair with a Spanish sailor. The sailor travelled to the north east by boat with supplies and went back to Spain with wool from North Yorkshire. The only person I’ve found with connections to North Yorkshire was called Emma who is on the census as being from Kirby Moorside and she worked on a farm but I can’t find her birth anywhere.

  30. Nichola Williams

    I have a rather naughty, story telling Roman Catholic G. Grandmother who I have been trying to trace for almost 40 yrs. Her name was Florence O’Neil. I can’t find where she came from or her parentage. I do know she was in Hexham in 1903 as my Grandfather James Patrick O’Neil was born illegitimate in West Wylam. She leaves that area pregnant again and moves to Cardiff where they enter the Workhouse and she gives birth to Thomas Carey O’Neil, another illegitimate child. They are there for some years with Florence in and out on occasions. She meets Richard Edwards from Bargoed, Mid Glamorgan and married him, needless to say already pregnant, in 1907. On her marriage certificate she says her father was James Patrick O’Neil. She then goes on to have more Edwards children. My problem is I can’t find her on 1901 census, on the 1911 census she says she was born 1880 in Aockenshire Lancashire (Ockenshore, Ockenshire?) and on the 1939 register she says she was born 14th November 1882. Also, she seemed to use Florence Margaret when James Patrick O’Neil was born and later used Florence Jane. She named one of her daughters Florence also my mother was Mary Magdalen Florence but I cant find anything on her. Please I would like some help in tracing her roots. It’s been a long long time looking for her. How do I get on your show please? HELP!!! Nichola Williams.

  31. Jan Jackson

    My great, great, great grandfather was born in Ireland in about 1785. In 1804 was a soldier and married a girl in Scotland. There were no children as far as I know until 1820 when a daughter was born. Was my 3* great-grandfather a soldier in Napoleonic Wars?

  32. Dawn Gill

    I have my mothers RAF record in 1941 and both marriage certificates, but before then I cannot find any records of her, no birth registration for her name on the RAF or certificates. She always said she was born around the Abergele area, but I can find no records. A mystery ?

  33. Judith Baker

    My late father’s name was GLASSPOLE. He was told by a distant cousin that they were related to the late Right Honourable Sir Florizel Glasspole, ex Governor of Jamaica. And also there was a connection to the Tollpuddle Martyrs. I would love to be able to clarify some or all of this information. How does someone apply to be on the show please?

    • chris savory

      hi there

      i would like to be on this great gr-gr grandfather was married twice – was he divorced ,legally separated -circa 1852-1866?
      his first wife, my ancestor – looks as though she spends much of her life in workhouses!

      he has families with both wives- why did he separate from the first did he have any legal grounds?



  34. Peter Mayson

    I have been researching my family history for 20 years. I have hit a complete ‘brick wall’ with my maternal grandmother. Her name was Elizabeth Heloise Onan Huyhies as far as I am told. She was married by this name as I have her marriage certificate. However I know for certain that on the 1901 census she was called Elizabeth Hughes and it stated ‘birth unknown’. I was always told that she was born at sea off the coast of Brittany, on the 29th March 1881, and brought up in a French convent. I have not seen her birth certificate and have no idea how to locate this document! It states on her marriage cert. that her father was Geroud Hughies deceased and I was always told that he was a master mariner or ships surgeon by various older family members. My ancestry DNA has had no matches on my maternal grandmothers side but lots on my mothers paternal family and lots on my fathers maternal and paternal family.
    My Family Secrets is a great programme as it gives an opportunity for people to solve difficult family history problems, like my own, when it is not possible to hire a professional researcher.

  35. Sue

    I’ve been tracing my Timothy surname family and in the early 1800 George Timothy fathered children as stated on their marriage certificates , but I believe him to be Evan Timothy born 1805 and kept using this name but used the name George Timothy on these documents why?

  36. Teresa Williamson

    Dear  Team 

    I love your program and any family History  programs also Ancestry, wish I could solve my family problem or maybe you could help!!

    My dad was born Thomas Jones 28th July 1908 in  Ogden Street, Stretford, manchester  to Thomas Jones  1877? -1910   Mary Clarke 1880? -1910 I am unable to find a marriage certificate. I thought dad was an only child, but after researching found another five children . They had six children Thomas 1898-1907, Jane 1899-1990 (we didn’t know existed) Henrietta 1901-1901, William 1902- 1904, Henrietta 1904 – ?, Thomas  1908- 1972 ( dad) all were born in Ogden Street, why can’t  I find them on the 1901 census? Mary died there, I have all their  certificates. Dad was adopted by a Ashworth family, Jane was adopted by the Sidwell’s who lived next door. Didn’t find out until the 1911 census came out.  If I could find a marriage certificate it would help me move back and find my family and know where they came from. My siblings and myself have never had grandparents or any other relatives to call our own.  Please please help me, if I wanted anything for Christmas it would be to find a marriage certificate for my grandparents.

    Here’s hoping it’s our last chance 


  37. Angela O'Dell

    Very interesting show I too like many other s have questions my family Grieve was granted land from Kelso Abbey Roxburghshire in the middle of the 1500’s but the Feuars of Midlem had a disagreement with the Duke of Roxburgh for over two Hundred years over a moss pool ( peat) curious to know what this was feeling must have run high went to court do not know what the out come was and one of my ancestor James Grieve v the Duke of Roxburgh must have been important to go that far taking a Duke to court.

  38. Stephanie Nestoros

    A German lady named Beatrice wanted to find out if she was related to the British Royal family as she resembled Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter. The genealogist told her she had 24% British blood and that Queen Victoria was half German. He is wrong. Going back through Victoria’s family although born in the UK her father the Duke of Kent had a German mother and her father came from a German bloodline. The Hanoverians were German and they married German women. I am surprised a genealogist can get this wrong

  39. Linda Taylor

    hi, My father would also love to be part of the show. He has a marriage certificate of an ancestor marrying Catherine Howard (signed with a shaky cross by the husband), and we would love to know how the family fit into the Royal lineage if at all. Please let us know how we could apply.

  40. marie dickens

    My great Great grandfather Richard Lancelot Walker was born in Carlisle. He had a German mother, Marie Fredrike Conradt, from a large family in Wuerttenberg Germany. She had moved to England and married an English soldier. My Great Great grandfather Richard fought in the battle of the Somme with the Lonsdales Pals Battallion . From my own family research I have discovered that un be known to him he was actually fighting a battalion of Germans made up from the area where his mother had come from in Germany. Therefore he could have been fighting his own cousins? I would love to take part in the programme my family secrets revealed to shed more light on this family mystery. How do I apply ?

  41. Mrs Royal Lacey

    I had my DNA , I like to know more we’re i came from? I live in london is any one can help me? We’re to go ?

  42. Keith

    It’s a shame that you couldn’t get the location of Kingsweston house correct. If a simply location beats you what hope have you in finding out more searching facts. A shame because the show overall is interesting.

  43. Karen

    As an amature genealogist I am really enjoying the show.
    My husband Richard Ireson has just had his DNA tested and has an unknown 1st cousin. He thinks he is also related to Ken Loach the film director and a famous 20thc actress Diane Dickson. We would love to get those stories confirmed. But would also like to dispel the myths that his ancestors were linked to Henry Ireton, Cromwells son in law and also that there might be a linked to the Brudenal family of Lord Cardigan & the charge of the light bragade at Waterloo fame.

  44. Dave

    Great show, will there be another series?

    I have been researching our family tree (wife/mine) for going on 30+ years, with some big gaps in research time until the 1901/11 census were released.

    I have some major brick walls which I would love a program like this to help with e.g.

    1) My wife’s Irish born great grandparents.
    2) My great grandfathers paternal line.
    3) A maternal aunt born out of wedlock, finding her Father who was allegedly “the boy next door” is proving difficult to myself and that aunts descendants.
    4) The circumstances behind my paternal grandfathers accidental death “severed spine due to being pinned by his carthorse to a telegraph pole”; i haven’t found the coroners report or any newspaper articles about this incident.

    • Dave

      And I forgot to mention the family story of a connection to a Scottish Castle, which I can’t find at all (yet).

  45. Clive S Spear

    My GG Grandfather was B 1832 and His Father was then based in Westport, Co Mayo as a Customs & Excise Officer but I am unable to trace any details of marriage, births or deaths, Can you help?

  46. Kristin

    I am trying to find information on my grandfather who was a Banardos boy also on my mothers side she told me a family member years ago was master of the hunt in Europe? I would love to find out more please. Love the Program

  47. Mandy

    Absolutely Love the show & it’s about time someone thought of this format to help the general public when they have have a brick wall on solving their family tree. I too am in this position & would appreciate so much to be on the show & to get professional help to solve a couple of riddles. My Dad was murdered when I was 8yrs old & his name is Thomas Ronald Burton born in 1911 & His Dad was named as Leslie Burton as named on my Mum & Dad’s marriage certificate in 1933. My Mum died in 1971 I cannot ask her & other members of the Family where he was born as they either don’t want to know except my youngest Brother & he doesn’t remember. One of my Sister’s said he was from Wales, but she was always lying & I cannot remember whether he had a Welsh Accent or not. Another Brother who died, always told one of his children that he had a strong wWelsh accent, but others said he was English. The only Thomas Ronald Burton that I can find, was born in Nottingham & his parents were Welsh. But there is a record of aChristening/Baptism of someone named the same in Wales, but no Birth record of him in Wales. I need to know where he was born s I know where I come from.My Mum was from Lincolnshire & have done some of her tree,mbut cannot tie the two together. I remember receiving parcels from an Uncle in Australia (I think or Canada), but don’t know if it’s an Uncle from my Mum or Dad’s side & would dearly like to know about that side of the family too.

  48. Ian Mcconnell

    I would like to find out if i am descended from scottish aristocracy from the wrong side of the bedsheets. It is rhumoured in my family that Sir Archibald Edmonstone fathered a daughter that wasn’t his wife’s.

  49. Rachael Rawnsley

    Hi, I had my DNA tested 4 years ago to find out about my Romany Gypsy family. I’ve found a few secrets out since – being Henry Viii’s cousin, great nana who lied about her husbands death, found lots of Romany cousins… all over the world. However, I have 1 brick wall… my Romany great granny… I cannot find her birth certificate and don’t know her parents. Please help!

  50. Joan inskip

    Hi both my father and mother have very strong connections with famous people so we’re told ! I’d love help finding out please!!

  51. Sean Redford

    How do you get to get on to the show have a few ancestors I can’t get past and one of them was advisor to James i and would like to know if he is my 11th Grand Father.

  52. Carol

    I have a relative who was highlighted on this show, how do I find out which episode he was on? His name is Charles McDermott.

  53. Mrs Ann Whittaker

    I’m interested in finding out if there is a family connection to Walt Disney. My great grandmothers maiden name was Disney.

  54. Like many others here I would like to know how to apply to be on a show. According to two books my ancestor came from Venetian nobilty but I can’t find proof of that.

  55. Hazel Waite

    I would love some help to unravel my ancestor history. We know nothing of my father’s family at all as his mother never spoke of any of them, at all. I have found she was disowned apparently as well as a few of her sisters. I’ve traced quite well back and think i have found a family link through a James Swinden to Margaret Beauchamp, my 14th great grandmother, Margaret Beaufort’s mother. I would love to find out if I am in fact correct. It’s just fascinating.


    my great grandfather drowned in a boating accident on the river thames in 1874 , was he murdered.

  57. muhi singh

    I’ve been tracing my Timothy surname family and in the early 1800 George Timothy fathered children as stated on their marriage certificates , but I believe him to be Evan Timothy born 1805 and kept using this name but used the name George Timothy on these documents why?

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