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We are excited to announce that AncestryDNA is now available to purchase in the United Kingdom and Ireland!

We sold our first DNA kit in the U.S. in 2012, and since then, more than 700,000 people have used AncestryDNA to discover more about their family history. Now you can too.

Why choose AncestryDNA?

AncestryDNA is for everyone! For many people, DNA testing is a starting point that opens the doors to your family story. If you have already researched your family tree, it can provide evidence that supports your research and helps you break down brick walls in your family tree. Learn where your ancestors may have come from, with a detailed estimate of your ethnicity. Our scientific breakthroughs allow us to map your ethnicity across 26 separate worldwide populations including Ireland, England, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, and South and North Africa.

Discover relatives that you never knew existed with our DNA matching. If someone who shares your DNA has taken the test you could find yourself connecting with a 3rd or 4th cousin and learning about a new branch on your tree. All this combined with the billions of records and family trees available to search on Ancestry make AncestryDNA the ultimate family history tool on the market.

How does it work?

We have taken a very technical and scientific process and created a simple and easy to use test. First you order your kit and follow the instructions within. Then you send in your kit with a small saliva sample for our experts to analyse it for you. Once the analysis has been completed you can log into your secure online Ancestry account to view the results and discover your family story!

For more detailed information on AncestryDNA or to order your kit now, click here.



  1. I’m a Brit who lives in the US and was a beta-tester of AncestryDNA before it was introduced in the US. I’m very pleased that the product is now available in the UK, as all my known ancestors were British. It will be really helpful to boost the number of Brits in the DNA database in order to make genealogical connections and I’ll be blogging about this soon, to encourage as many of my Ancestry cousins as possible to be tested.

    I have been unable to ascertain if X-chromosome matching is done with AncestryDNA (nothing was mentioned in the White Paper), so it would be helpful if someone from the AncestryDNA could answer this question. Even if it isn’t, autosomal matching is the really key thing, but I would like to get my facts straight in the blog posting.


  2. Gale Williams

    Does this mean that once Ireland or UK people are tested, we will see them listed in our United States DNA matches if we are related?

  3. Ginny Davis

    Well this is exciting. I hope you have a lot of participants as I’m having a heck of a time with finding family in both countries. Do you also test in Canada?

  4. Angie Tough

    I’ve been looking forward to this being available. I’ve been searching for the descendants of my great, great uncle who emigrated from Ireland to the USA. I’m in touch with a member whose ancestor matches 90% of our info but we can’t find any documentary evidence to be certain. One of their line (hopefully my 3rd cousin) has done the DNA test so I’m hoping that my test will prove we are correct in our assumption – otherwise it’s back to the drawing board after 7 years of searching.

  5. Jo Newman

    Presumably as I’m female it will only test my maternal line. There’s no information about this in the blurb on the web site.

  6. Peggy

    VERY difficult to find actual matches despite’s marketing making it sound easy + immediate!! Even people I matched 96% with, we could find no links…still very hard to know what to do with the info you receive. My roots are UK. I did the DNA test 3 yrs ago, except for one person, nobody i matched had researched beyond their US history: ‘came from Ireland’ etc. Is it It best to have oldest male in your family tested? More success due to passing on male surname? If you’re in canada, you can test, just have someone from UK send the kit – it’s a ‘spit + save’ test…..p

  7. Kay Martin

    I’m wondering if it would be of much value to have my nephew tested, as he is the last living male in my family. I’m 58% Irish, and hope to be contacted by some cousins in the future.

  8. Kim

    Will the DNA of people testing in United Kingdom and Ireland be compared with the DNA of people testing in the USA? Will they be included into the USA databases of matches? I wonder since there is a separate website for the United Kingdom.

  9. Barbara Taylor

    We are starting to see matches from people living in the UK, England, Ireland and Scotland here in the US. Very glad to see this and look forward to Canada and Australia coming online also.

  10. i am so very appreciative of your efforts here, i have had my identity stolen about 2000 times and birth cert stolen about 50 times.. my father was Edward Burd jr. and designed the B-2 and was also graced with the mother Anna DuChene.. would love to see it all be OK

  11. Angy

    My family lives in France. Is it possible to order testing kits from the UK website? I live in the US and had my DNA analysed. Since then, they all want to do it!

  12. DAnderson

    I am excited. My grandmother was born out of wedlock and no nothing of her father (not on the BC). I am hoping that the DNA will provide at least insight on who he is.

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